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Our Quality Policy

Lists Hub policy of being a superior data solutions provider has remained unchanged. Of course, the markets and technologies of today are very different and the Company has embraced these new technologies over the years and now provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of contemporary markets. The use of superior data and knowledge and a tireless dedication to personal service, for which we are renowned, has always been a cornerstone of the Company’s success.

The founding directors maintain a keen involvement in the day-to-day running of the business, overseeing the uncompromising attention to quality, which is a key factor in everything we do. We provide data, hygiene and analytics for business markets, working closely with our clients to help identify marketing opportunities and turning them into profitable reality.

Super Deliverability Guarantees

Business Mailing Data

In relation to business addresses, an amount equal to the list cost at the time of invoice will be refunded by the Lists Hub to the Client on all Post Office returns in excess of 2% of the total number of addresses supplied, provided that all returned envelopes, less contents, are received by Lists Hub within 6 weeks of delivery of the original Goods.

Email Data

In relation to email addresses, we will supply 2 additional addresses for every undeliverable address (ie. hard bounce) in excess of 15% of the total number of addresses supplied providing proof of the non-deliverables is received by the Supplier within 30 days of delivery of the original Goods. Proof of non-delivery in the form of undeliverable addresses must be returned to us in either a tab delimited, comma delimited, Excel or Dbase file.

Our obligations stated above shall not apply where you decide to use a method of delivery that has not been approved in writing by us. Unapproved methods of delivery include use of an SMTP (Single Message Transfer Protocol) such as Outlook, Netscape and Lotus.

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